Hi! I'm Rui Carvalho

I build web applications for enterprises at scale and startups

You can hire me for anything I can add value, mostly around modern .Net web and team improvement. Alternatively, you can also call me for giving a talk (Meetup, Brown bag lunch or company internal)

In a more global way, you can ping me for a small chat, I'm always happy to exchange with people

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Btw, The easiest way to contact me is via twitter rhwy


I used to blog a lot since the early 2000's but these last years I spent most of my energy in more direct exchange with people through twitter, meetups and conferences. But we're now in 2016 and I feel the need to write down a few things in a more constructive and durable way -or not- and that's why I'll try to reboot my blog. Please go to the blog, read, comment.

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I organize with a team of amazing people an international developer conference in Paris in May. Our focus, is exchange, Software craftsmanship and anything that can rise the bar in our community

Next Edition will take place in 12-13 May 2016

Information, CFP and ticketing will be available soon, keep tuned with the NCrafts twitter account more on NCrafts